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What is Soil Gas Flux?

Learn more about how gases are naturally emitted from soils.

From riverine to estuarine

Research on carbon dioxide dynamics in aquatic systems is advancing thanks to smaller, field-ready CO2 sensors.

What is Forced Diffusion (FD)?

Forced Diffusion is Forerunner's patent-pending method for measuring gas flux. Learn about how it works and applications for the method.


Forerunner offers a range of innovative soil gas flux and concentration instruments.

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Learn the basics of GP setup and data logging in less than 5 minutes.

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  • When will I hear back about my support ticket?
  • Forerunner will make initial contact with you regarding your support case within 24 hours of receiving the ticket.
  • Where can I find product manuals?
  • All product documentation can be found by clicking on the products photos above, and then navigating to the Documents tab.
  • Can I open/modify my Forerunner product?
  • Unapproved modifications to Forerunner products will void the warranty.
  • What information should I include when I contact support?
  • The more you can say about your specific problem, the better. Please include your contact information, the product type and serial number, detailed descriptions of your field site and equipment setup, photos, data and any observations you have on the equipment behaviour.
  • Does Forerunner offer product training?
  • Forerunner can provide on-site training to users who require the service. Please contact us to find out more.

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About Forerunner

Innovative solutions for soil gas monitoring.

We are scientists first. At the heart of Forerunner is a world-class team of researchers who are fuelled by the need for innovative new ways to measure and understand soil gas.

Our portfolio of gas detection and monitoring solutions enables scientists and engineers around the world to measure soil gas with continuity and precision. Our ultra-robust instruments are deployed across the globe offering unmatched performance in the harshest field conditions.

Our customers range from soil scientists to upstream oil and gas service providers. We specialize in keeping our customers focused on their area of application by supporting them with easy-to-use hardware, software and expert knowledge. With a sound understanding of your specific needs, we can provide appropriate, accurate, and scalable data collection tools.

System and method for determining flux of isotopologues, US13/417625

Method of Measuring the Flux of a Soil Gas, World PCT/CA2008/002186 National Phase US, Europe, Australia.

Apparatus and Method for Measuring Soil Gases, US7520186

Our clients include: